14th Street Phase I Study – IL Route 131 to Jackson Street

Lake County Division of Transportation

The 14th Street reconstruction is a Federal-aid project that includes narrowing 14th Street to three lanes with one 12-foot lane in each direction with a 3-foot paved shoulder and B-6.24 curb and gutter and a 12-foot center shared turn lane. A 10-foot shared-use path will be constructed on the north side of 14th Street and a 5-foot sidewalk will be constructed on the south side. 14th Street has limited pedestrian facilities that include intermittent sidewalks that vary in width and condition. The improvement includes the installation of street lighting. Bus stop pads and shelters will be installed along 14th Street to accommodate the local PACE users. A total 11 bus stops will be installed and 6 of those stops will have a shelter.

The all-way stop at the intersection of 14th Street and Dugdale Road will be replaced with a single lane roundabout. The roundabout will improve safety at the intersection and decrease vehicle delay. Crosswalks and pedestrian refuge islands will be constructed to shorten the crossing distances for pedestrians. Traffic signal modifications will occur at the intersections of IL Route 131 and 14th Street, Lewis Avenue and 14th Street, and Jackson Street and 14th Street.

The 10-foot shared-use path will benefit both local and regional bicyclists. Local users will enjoy connections to the Novak-King Elementary School, Twin City Park, and the Greenbelt Forest Preserve. Regional bicyclists will now have access to the continually growing Lake County Bikeways. The connection to the U.S. Bicycle Route 37, Robert McClory Bike Path provides the users access to other regional bike paths throughout Lake County.

This project was coordinated through the Cities of North Chicago and Waukegan. Public Involvement Meetings were held to inform the public of the project process. A Stakeholder Involvement Group, consisting of community leaders, business owners, and residents, was formed to ensure identified solutions balanced community and technical needs. Because of the impacts to the Greenbelt Forest Preserve, a 4(f) Evaluation was prepared. The 4(f) Evaluation will result in a de minimis impact finding.



Scope of Services

  • Project Development Report
  • Interagency Coordination
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Crash Analysis
  • Roadway Reconstruction
  • 4(f) Evaluation
  • Public Involvement
  • Stakeholder Involvement