Berkeley Flood Control Project

Village of Berkeley

The Village of Berkeley is located in western Cook County and is an urban area drained entirely by a separate storm sewer system (no combined sewers) and there are no streams, waterways, or mapped floodplains within the Village limits. The Village has experienced a significant increase in the frequency of local flooding within the past 5-years. The flooding is due to stormwater runoff (not basement sewer backups) and includes significant roadway ponding that blocks emergency vehicle access, causes the flooding of homes, as well as back yard and front yard flooding.

In order to simulate the existing flooding conditions as well to develop potential solutions to the flooding, Civiltech developed a stormwater model analysis. The existing and proposed hydrologic and hydraulic analysis was developed using EPA SWMM analysis software, and using the model analysis recommended improvements and a Flood Control Project was developed. The engineering and hydrologic and hydraulic model analysis of the proposed Village of Berkeley Flood Control Project was able to demonstrate that significant benefits can be achieved as a result of the proposed improvements.

The proposed improvement includes construction of two major sections of relief storm sewer, excavation of an existing storm water detention facility, and the installation of a storm water pump station. A Technical Report and detailed analysis of the proposed improvements, as well as a detailed cost estimate was submitted to MWRD for funding consideration. After a review of the proposed project and benefits the MWRD has agreed to enter into an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the Village to fund approximately 60% of the projects construction cost.

Scope of Services

  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis
  • Analysis of Design Alternatives
  • Technical Report
  • Cost Estimates