Civiltech On the Move: Chicago Office's New Home

Posted: 11/1/2015

On October 1, 2015, the Civiltech Chicago office moved. This was one of our easiest moves since our new space is conveniently located across the hall from our old space. Civiltech has maintained an office at 30 North LaSalle since 1999, a location that is convenient for both our clients and staff. This is the fourth office space that Civiltech has leased within the 30 North LaSalle building. Although we investigated many different spaces, it just so happened that the best floor plan for servicing our needs existed just a few feet away. Thankfully we were able to keep our 2624 suite number. For our younger staff the task of moving primarily involved relocating computers and personal belongings. For our senior staff the move also provided a much welcomed opportunity to purge old hard copies, reorganize, and once again
have a clean slate.

Civiltech worked closely with the 30 North LaSalle building management and office space planners on all the details associated with the office buildout. A large focus was placed on accommodating better IT infrastructure. This included faster wireless, security cameras for the entryway and server room, stronger connectivity to our other offices, and a flat screen monitor in the entryway to continuously scroll pictures of our projects and activities. The new office was completely refinished and includes a new ceiling, lighting, and glass walls which create an “open” feeling that promotes connectivity. Our new space has a much larger video conference room, better print room, secure IT server room, kitchen/break room, new workstation furniture, and most importantly room for growth. We went from having 10 workstations to 17 workstations.

Three years ago Tom Liliensiek joined our team and started our Water Resources Department. The growth and continued success of our Water Resources group contributed to our need for a bigger space along with the efforts of all of our staff. Additionally, both Melissa Lange, Structural Engineer, and Kelsey White, Appraiser, call our Chicago office home. The remaining City staff includes Matt Crocker, Amanda Larson, Maciej Konczewski, Stephen Wong, Ernest Williams, Brian Sroufe, Chris Wolff, Kristen Hahn, Steve Pautsch, Elliot Anderson, Nina Glovatich, and Mike Folkening.