Finley Road Street Rehabilitation

Village of Lombard

This project consisted of the rehabilitation of approximately 1.2 miles of Finley Road. The roadway is a collector roadway running through a residential area. The existing pavement consisted of a 6” concrete base with a 3” HMA overlay. The HMA overlay and curb and gutter were in poor condition with isolated sections of concrete base failures. Civiltech analyzed multiple typical section options in order to provide the best results while minimizing project costs. These options included full depth HMA and concrete pavement, HMA mill and overlay and various types of concrete overlays. The Village has had several successful concrete overlay projects and selected a 5” unbonded fiber reinforced concrete overlay which will be applied after removing the 3” overlay. The curb and gutter and driveway aprons were replaced in order to accommodate the raised roadway profile.

Civiltech analyzed the parkways to ensure that positive drainage was provided while minimizing the impacts to the existing trees. Civiltech developed a condition report of the sanitary, storm and watermain. All structures were inspected and documented. The sanitary and storm sewers were video inspected and analyzed for needed repairs. A 12” watermain and a 4” sanitary forcemain were designed to replace aging infrastructure within the project.

Over 100 residents are located within the limits of the Finley Road project with most accessing their property from Finley Road. Multiple public information meetings were held to inform the property owners of the rehabilitation project and what to expect during construction. Civiltech and the Village staff met with the individual residents to address concerns about the project or about drainage issues they have had on their properties. This information was used by Civiltech to improve drainage of the driveways and parkways along the corridor.



Scope of Services

  • Preparation of Contract Plans,
  • Specifications and Estimates
  • Street Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
  • Watermain Design
  • Pavement Design
  • Coordination and Public Involvement