Fullerton Avenue Streetscape Improvement – Ashland Avenue to Racine Avenue

Chicago Department of Transportation Streetscape and Sustainable Design Program

This streetscape improvement was funded by state funds, and included improvements to enhance the economic appeal of the area through beautification elements and safety enhancements. The improvements were designed in compliance with the City of Chicago’s Complete Streets Guidelines, and incorporated the following safety, beautification, and Best Management Practice improvements:

  • Road diet, narrowing through lanes and reducing the total pavement width by 5 feet
  • Widened ADA-compliant sidewalk and ADA ramps at intersections
  • Bus stop relocations for better access
  • Side street bump-outs with rain gardens and at-grade planters
  • 10-foot wide decorative crosswalks
  • Ornamental street and pedestrian lighting with neighborhood identifier banners
  • Parkway landscaping which included permeable pavers and a tree root chamber system

Civiltech performed a mini Phase I, receiving a finding of Categorical Exclusion, Group I without Project Development Report with design exceptions. The public involvement process included meetings with key stakeholders to review design elements and obtain feedback from merchants along the thoroughfare. The stakeholders consisted of the 32nd Ward, the Sheffield Neighborhood Association, Wrightwood Neighbors, DePaul University, West DePaul, and the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce. A public presentation was also conducted, lead by CDOT Project Development. Clearances for Biological and Cultural Resources were also received.

The Phase II process was prepared in accordance with the City of Chicago and Illinois Department of Transportation guidelines, and was completed in 2015.


  • State Funds

Scope of Services

  • Interagency Coordination
  • Mini Phase I
  • Streetscape Design
  • Street Lighting
  • ADA Ramp Design
  • Preparation of Contract Plans, Specifications and Estimate