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  • Chicago Scholars Diversity Award
    Chicago Scholars Diversity Award

    Posted: 10/11/2017
    Civiltech is proud to be featured in Chicago Scholars Third Quarter CEO Newsletter. Civiltech and our Chicago Office Director, Michael Folkening, were honored to be selected for the Chicago Scholars Diversity Award. Thank you, Chicago Scholars & Dominique Jordan Turner for the newsletter shout-out, the wonderful award, and the important work you do.
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  • Safely Bridging the Gap
    Safely Bridging the Gap

    Posted: 9/22/2017
    Civiltech has staff certified by IDOT to perform the required inspection and act as a Program Manager for local agencies and currently does so for nine municipalities. Inspected structure types include reinforced concrete box culverts, PPC deck beam bridges, reinforced concrete slab bridges, CMP culverts, multi-span steel and concrete girder bridges, concrete rigid frames, steel box girder bridges, and steel truss bridges. Additionally, Civiltech has rated and recommended load postings for bridges in advanced stages of deterioration.
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  • ASCE YMG Bags Tournament
    ASCE YMG Bags Tournament

    Posted: 8/29/2017
    Civiltech sent 2 teams to the annual ASCE YMG Bags Tournament and was also an event sponsor. Team Maddie/Jeff proceeded to the Elite Eight, eventually losing to the event's overall winning team. Team John/Stephen played well, but struggled with tough competition.

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  • An Intern's Journey
    An Intern's Journey

    Posted: 8/28/2017
    As part of our community outreach efforts, Civiltech actively promotes and participates in high school mentoring programs. Also, within the company, we believe in the benefits of a robust internship program. When these two efforts collide, the result is exciting and rewarding. This summer, we were fortunate to include in our team of interns, Oluwatosin (Tosin) Akinsanya, a participant in the Chicago Scholars program whom we met at the 2016 First Look Company Exploration & Career Fair.

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  • The Benefits of Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling: A Case Study
    The Benefits of Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling: A Case Study

    Posted: 7/21/2017
    The recent major storm events in the Chicagoland area and resulting flooding are a reminder of the challenges that extreme weather poses to municipalities and their storm water infrastructure. Civiltech has the experience and tools to help communities model and analyze flood prone areas and develop plans and solutions to address these areas of concern.
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  • Today's Technology: Tomorrow's Roads
    Today's Technology: Tomorrow's Roads

    Posted: 3/16/2017
    The transportation industry is constantly evolving and improving as demonstrated by Civiltech's recent Quentin Road (US 12 to IL 22) design for the Lake County Division of Transportation. At the forefront of the industry, Civiltech has already taken steps to incorporate the latest Three-Dimensional (3-D) technologies and software across all of our design stages, including construction.
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  • Greetings from Two Pierce Place
    Greetings from Two Pierce Place

    Posted: 11/1/2016
    On October 21, Civiltech's headquarters relocated. We have moved just down the street to Two Pierce Place in Itasca and upward to the 14th Floor. The process of moving an entire office is challenging as there is a lot more involved in constructing a new space than just selecting carpet and paint colors. We were fortunate to work with some very talented architects that encouraged us to think about how we work. We questioned how we could improve our workflow and how the new space could facilitate that. We also asked ourselves what type of work environment we wanted to foster. Answers to these questions would help us create an environment to work efficiently and effectively, to ultimately better serve our clients.
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  • We're Moving!
    We're Moving!

    Posted: 10/1/2016
    In late October Civiltech's Itasca office will move to Two Pierce Place, Suite 1400. The new office is only a half mile from our current location, providing a smooth transition for employees as well as clients who visit our office.
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  • Engineering a Way Out of the Mud on US Route 6
    Engineering a Way Out of the Mud on US Route 6

    Posted: 8/25/2016
    Civiltech is helping IDOT bring a long awaited improvement to the south suburbs. We were selected to perform construction engineering for the US Route 6 (159th Street) Reconstruction from Will-Cook Road to just west of US Route 45 (LaGrange Road) in the Village of Orland Park. This improvement will upgrade the nearly three miles of existing two lane roadway into a full cross section with two new concrete lanes in each direction and a landscaped median. The median will be wide enough to accommodate two left turn lanes at each intersection. The widened roadway footprint will provide improved safety, capacity, and pedestrian / bicyclist facilities through the corridor.
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  • Lingering Effects of the Housing Crash on Right of Way Acquisition
    Lingering Effects of the Housing Crash on Right of Way Acquisition

    Posted: 6/20/2016
    In the wake of the real estate crash, the business of appraising and acquiring real estate became more complicated. Property owners, while aware of the crash, had a hard time dealing with the values being assigned to their property. Many owners felt they were being taken advantage of by the acquiring agency as they were moving on the project at this particular time to buy low, even though the project was in the planning stage well before the downturn.
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  • Civiltech On the Move: Chicago Office's New Home
    Civiltech On the Move: Chicago Office's New Home

    Posted: 11/1/2015
    On October 1, 2015, the Civiltech Chicago office moved. This was one of our easiest moves since our
    new space is conveniently located across the hall from our old space. Civiltech has maintained an office at 30 North LaSalle since 1999, a location that is convenient for both our clients and staff. This is the fourth office space that Civiltech has leased within the 30 North LaSalle building. Although we investigated many different spaces, it just so happened that the best floor plan for servicing our needs existed just a few feet away.
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  • Civiltech Featured in Trade Publication
    Civiltech Featured in Trade Publication

    Posted: 6/1/2014
    Civiltech was highlighted in the Summer 2014 edition of US Builders Review, a nationally recognized trade publication read by a targeted audience of general contractors, developers and other leaders in the construction industry with a readership of over 250,000 C-Level executives.
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  • Civiltech Ranks Among "Best Engineering Firms to Work For" in Illinois
    Posted: 2/18/2014
    In its first "Best Engineering Firms to Work For" competition, the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers (ISPE) has ranked Civiltech among the top firms in the state, earning the title of a "High Achieving" firm.
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  • Latest News: North Lake Shore Drive
    Latest News: North Lake Shore Drive

    Posted: 9/4/2013
    Civiltech is leading an exciting Phase I Study of 7 miles of North Lake Shore Drive within Chicago's historic Lincoln Park. The goal of the project is to "Redefine the Drive"; that is to achieve a new balance between the needs of park and roadway by developing visionary improvements that will forever enhance this portion of Chicago's iconic lakefront.
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  • Civiltech Adds a Director of Water Resources
    Posted: 7/16/2013
    Civiltech Engineering is pleased to announce the addition of: Tom Liliensiek, P.E., Director of Water Resources.
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