August 2017

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  • ASCE YMG Bags Tournament
    ASCE YMG Bags Tournament

    Posted: 8/29/2017
    Civiltech sent 2 teams to the annual ASCE YMG Bags Tournament and was also an event sponsor. Team Maddie/Jeff proceeded to the Elite Eight, eventually losing to the event's overall winning team. Team John/Stephen played well, but struggled with tough competition.

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  • An Intern's Journey
    An Intern's Journey

    Oluwatosin (Tosin) Akinsanya

    Posted: 8/28/2017
    As part of our community outreach efforts, Civiltech actively promotes and participates in high school mentoring programs. Also, within the company, we believe in the benefits of a robust internship program. When these two efforts collide, the result is exciting and rewarding. This summer, we were fortunate to include in our team of interns, Oluwatosin (Tosin) Akinsanya, a participant in the Chicago Scholars program whom we met at the 2016 First Look Company Exploration & Career Fair.

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