Roosevelt Road Watermain Improvements

Village of Lombard

This project included the rehabilitation of approximately 16,000 lineal of feet of Water main along Roosevelt Road (IL Route 38) within the Village of Lombard. The existing water main ranged in size from 8" to 12" and a majority of the water main is 40 to 50 years old. The Village had experienced an increasing number of breaks within this corridor.  Because of the traffic volumes on Roosevelt Road, performing repairs on the main were very difficult and disruptive to traffic since lane closures were often required.

During the preliminary engineering phase of the project, Civiltech reviewed multiple options for the rehabilitation of the water main. These included replacement of the main beneath the Roosevelt Road pavement, replacement in the parkways, replacement within private easements outside of the roadway right-of-way, and lining of the water main with a cured-in-place pipe. The lining option was found to be the preferred option primarily because it minimized the impacts to traffic, local businesses and other existing utilities within the right-of-way.

With the lining option, sections of the existing water main were taken out of service in order to perform the lining. A temporary water main is installed on the ground surface and temporary connections made to the businesses. After the existing water main was cleaned, a resin-impregnated liner was inserted and cured in place. For services smaller than 2", the service was reinstated from inside the main by using a remotely-controlled robot to core through the liner at the corporation stop. For larger services, the existing tee was removed and replaced using standard water main construction techniques. The existing mainline valves were also be replaced.

This project required permits from the IEPA and a utility permit from IDOT, since Roosevelt Road is under their jurisdiction. Based on the length of the lining, the project was split into two phases to be built during two consecutive years, under one construction contract.



Scope of Services

  • Project Development Report
  • Watermain Design
  • Preparation of Contract Plans, Specifications & Estimates