Main Street Reconstruction - Phase I Study

City of Batavia

This federally funded project includes reconstructing Main Street from Van Nortwick Avenue to Water Street. The existing roadway east of Van Nortwick Avenue is in poor condition and has a variable roadway width. Resurfacing was recently completed on Main Street west of Van Nortwick Avenue. The existing IL Route 31 (Batavia Avenue) and Main Street intersection also requires updating due to its out of date signal system, skewed geometric alignment which has resulted in a high percentage of rear end crashes, and non ADA compliant pedestrian ramps.

Reconstruction of the roadway will provide a consistent roadway cross section with a designated parking lane. Bicycle pavement markings will be provided to promote shared lane use. The IL Route 31 and Main Street intersection will be reconstructed and the alignment improved by providing a horizontal curve along Main Street through the intersection to eliminate the intersection offset and kink. The intersection profile will be raised to allow for ADA compliant ramps. Left turn lanes will be added to IL Route 31 to improve traffic flow. Also, as part of this project, a new storm sewer system will
be constructed and is designed to accommodate a future separation of the combined sewer system.

Obtaining the public’s input was important to providing a design for the reconstruction that met the community’s needs. A public meeting was held, followed by individual meetings with business owners along the project area to address individual concerns
and needs. The design alternatives were presented to the Batavia City Council where the public could voice additional input. The Council chose the preferred alternative that will be presented in a public hearing following completion of the Project Development Report.



Scope of Services

  • Project Development Report
  • Interagency Coordination
  • Roadway Reconstruction
  • Public Hearing
  • Intersection Design Study