South Street Trail Randall Road Underpass Improvement –

Keslinger Road to North of the UP Railroad

Kane County Division of Transportation

One of the most notable aspects of this improvement’s area was the heavy amounts of traffic constantly travelling along Randall Road. Some of the traffic is to and from the Delnor Community Hospital in the northwest quadrant of the intersection. It was very clear why the best design alternative chosen was the tunneling/jacking method to connect the trail under Randall. This large amount of traffic, and especially emergency vehicles for the hospital, cannot be impeded.

Civiltech provided Phase III Construction Engineering Services for the South Street Underpass ensuring the plans and specifications were closely followed. This improvement provided an underpass connection under Randall Road for the South Street Trail. The underpass had temporary lighting during the installation procedure, and permanent lighting when completed. Decorative cast-in-place wing-walls were placed at either end of the tunnel which required demonstration and approval of the form liner and coloring process. The existing path in the northeast quadrant of the Randall and Keslinger intersection was realigned for an at grade crossing of Keslinger with proper pavement markings and signal modifications. New embankment was used to bring the trail down using the proper slope to the grade of the proposed underpass. A 12-foot inside diameter concrete jacking pipe was installed as the structure of the underpass under the existing embankment that carries Randall Road up to the bridge over the UP Railroad. The method to install the underpass was proposed by the contractor and approved by the engineering team. A very thorough and comprehensive specification for the submittal process and allowable tolerances to install the underpass was included in the Special Provision.

It was the actual tunneling/jacking of the concrete pipe that was the greatest challenge of the improvement. Our RE was there to ensure that all the procedures, which were approved in the submittal process made sense and were carried out correctly. Civiltech’s senior Structural Engineer reviewed all the tunneling/jacking/soil retention submittals, and made certain that the proposed methods were reasonable and capable of accomplishing this complex task.

Through the efforts of the County, contractor and Civiltech, this challenging improvement was a complete success; so much that it was recognized by the APWA Chicago Chapter as the best improvement under $5 million in 2013. The many patrons who frequent the trail and underpass certainly agree.


Federal, KCDOT, IDOT

Scope of Services

  • Resident Engineering
  • Construction Inspection
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Layout
  • Construction Documentation
  • Coordination and Public Involvement
  • Interagency Coordination
  • QC/QA Material Testing