Innovative Solutions for the Road Ahead


Safe and efficient movement of people, goods, and services is fundamental to the economic prosperity and quality of urban life. Expressways and roadways are the backbone of transportation systems that provide essential mobility.

As travel demands and the funding available to meet them move further apart, cost effective transportation solutions are a critical element of every project.

Civiltech provides the technical diversity and creativity to find innovative solutions to difficult transportation problems.

Traffic Engineering

  • Crash Analyses and Safety Studies
  • Traffic Modeling and Simulation
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Intersection and Interchange Design Studies
  • Neighborhood Traffic Management
  • and Traffic Calming

Expressway and Highway Design

  • Freeway and Tollway Design
  • Arterial Highway Design
  • Construction Staging and Traffic Management Plans
  • Drainage and Utility Design
  • Highway Lighting

Traffic Signals and Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Signal System Design
  • Signal Coordination and Timing (SCAT)
  • Surveillance and Communication Systems