US 30 from US 34 to IL 31  

Illinois Department of Transportation

These projects were divided into three construction contracts that Civiltech administered for the IDOT. All together, the work totaled to more than $45.0 million of roadway and bridge reconstruction. Since there were three construction contracts, that equated to three complete set of documentation records while monitoring three prime contractors. Our Construction Engineering Team was able to successfully coordinate all of the project work and contractors together bringing a safe and improved reconstructed corridor of over 4 miles to the travelling public.

The work included miles of new concrete roadways increased from two lanes to four with turn lanes and medians. The interchange of US 30 with IL 31 was reconstructed with miles of full depth HMA pavement and multiple ramps. There was a new bridge reconstructed over a creek. A multi-span bridge over IL 31 and the Rail Road was a hybrid reconstruction with some new piers and other piers that were rehabbed, and a fully replaced deck with parapets. One of the new ramps was realigned to create an intersection with a local street. This required a new Rail Road crossing to be built which of course included all the coordination that is then needed between IDOT and the RR.

The project began with complex staging to allow for the massive amount of earthwork required for the additional lanes and realigned ramps. A complete revamp of the drainage system across the corridor included large diameter pipe pushed under US 30, multi-cell box culverts, dozens of pipe runs with catch basins / inlets, and a ditch system. Most of the drainage eventually reaches the adjacent Fox River, so care was taken to keep run off clean and free of eroded soil. Traffic signals, lighting including high mast towers, and noise walls are some of the other major items that also went into making this a true improvement for the area.

Coordination was required between the three projects and their contractors as well as with the many local agencies that these projects spanned. Kane and Kendall Counties were involved along with the Villages of Oswego, Montgomery, and the City of Aurora. Our Team kept all involved stakeholders well informed and ready for any needed decisions through weekly progress meetings and direct contact between our RE and the agency representatives.
These projects when opened alleviated the former traffic backups in the area, and the improved roadways, bridges, and ramps provide a safer transportation connection between the multiple communities.


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Scope of Services

  • Resident Engineering
  • Construction Inspection
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Layout
  • Bridge Construction Inspection
  • Construction Documentation
  • Coordination and Public Involvement
  • Interagency Coordination
  • QC/QA Material Testing