Elgin O’Hare Western Access (EOWA) - Wood Dale Road Bridge over I-390 Mainline

Illinois Tollway

As part of the Illinois Tollway's Elgin O’Hare Western Access (EOWA) program, the Wood Dale Road bridge over I-390, which will be the new mainline pavement of the Elgin - O’Hare, had to be constructed while the busy road and intersection with Thorndale Avenue was still in use. Civiltech was selected by the Tollway to perform Construction Engineering (CE) for this improvement. Tollway managers complimented our CE Team when selecting us by stating that they know we can build a sound and aesthetically pleasing bridge as proven on our successful Devon bridge over I-290. The Tollway admired our coordination efforts with the other agencies involved on Devon, and noted that the Local Agency outreach is instrumental in making the Wood Dale bridge a success.

The Wood Dale bridge project began with a massive amount of earthwork to cut down the existing area so the mainline can pass under. Since Wood Dale Road will not be changing grade, the cut to make room for the new Tollway, the bridge beams, deck, and parapet walls was substantial. The excavated materials were placed further down the mainline where the Tollway will rise above an adjacent cross arterial as well as in existing detention ponds that were drained / filled in for this project. All this work was fully coordinated with the Kane-DuPage Soil and Water Conservation District. Their representatives were invited on-site early in the work, so all their requirements could be achieved while keeping them up to date.

The Wood Dale Road bridge project involved intense coordination with: the Village of Wood Dale who has jurisdiction of their decorative items on the structure as well as Wood Dale Road; DuPage County who is responsible for the adjacent Thorndale Avenue; and of course the Tollway who will maintain the structure as well as lanes on I-390 below. Further coordination was also required between the adjacent EOWA projects and their contractors.

The structure itself has lengthy piles driven to bearing, a large temporary retaining wall system needed to protect Wood Dale Road travelers from the deep cut, and aesthetic elements such as form liner surfaces. Civiltech has ample experience when it comes to new structures. Our Team makes certain every specification is met, the bridge layout is correct, and the installation of all the materials from rebar to concrete is properly placed.



Scope of Services

  • Resident Engineering
  • Construction Inspection
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Layout
  • Bridge Construction Inspection
  • Construction Documentation
  • Coordination and Public Involvement
  • Interagency Coordination
  • QC/QA Material Testing